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7 Passive Income Ideas You Can Try Out Now.

7 Passive Income Ideas You Can Try Out Now.

7 Passive Income Ideas You Can Try Out Now, How to make money while you sleep?
7 Passive income ideas you can try out now. 

How to make money while you sleep?

Is it actually possible to make money without working?
Absolutely yes!
How to make it possible?
You can make more money while you are sleeping than many people by working 40 hours a week.
How did you can do it?  How can you start making passive income between now and the next 12 months?
You can earn passive income but there is a strong disclaimer right here. You see making money on passive income is like driving a car, when you are just learning how to drive, you have to use all your brainpower to concentrate. You make a lot of mistakes and you may even get involved in a few minor accidents.
You will only be able to drive the car without much effort or absolute concentration, only if you are willing to sacrifice several weeks or months to make those necessary mistakes and get better.
The same thing happens with passive income.
Some passive income opportunity requires that you spend several months learning, making mistakes and building, before you can now relax and make money while sleeping.
There are 7 passive income ideas you can try out.

1. Invest in an existing business 

If your friends or any known person doing any business and they need more money to expand their business then you can give them some of your money and ask him to give some percentage of his profits. In this way, you don’t have to do anything for their business. Simply you have to invest money, wait for the interest.
If you can meet up with some entrepreneurs who know what they are doing but don’t have money, you can invest in their business and get a percentage of good interest.  This way you can make money without working.

2. Write a book

If you publish a book once and you will not publish any book in your life, then you will get revenue of this book lifetime.
You don’t have to rewrite the book or do any monthly work, yet you make money from it.
I don’t mean that everyone can write a book. Not everyone can write a book but if you think you can write a book, go ahead and do so. Also, learn how to sell your book and possibly automate some selling processes.

3.     Crowdfunded Real estate.

Real estate for centuries has always been for the rich but that is changing now. People are now crowdfunding real estate which essentially means that hundreds or even thousands of people pull together their financial resources to acquire real estate properties then make passive income from rent or lease. If you are interested in this, go to google and research further.
If you think you can, you can!

4.     Start a blog.

If you are good at writing or interested in writing then you can start writing a blog. It is a good source of income now.
In first you have to work hard and learn everything about how to write a blog. If you establish a good blog then even though you don’t write for years you still get income.
So if you think you have a message to communicate with the world, you can lay your hands on blogging, work hard for the first year or so and if done well, you can continue making passive income for years to come. 

5. License your photos.

Do you know, you can make money from your photos?
Crazy, isn’t it?
There is a website called Shutterstock. What they do is accept the submission of your photos, if your photos are approved, you will make a royalty on them whenever anyone buys any of them. Imagine selling a single piece of your picture for 100 times a year and making royalty again and again from such?

6.    Affiliate marketing.

People are making a lot of money from affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products. If you have a reasonable social media or online following, you can market other company’s products to them. These companies pay you commission for giving them costumers and you can make this commission on a passive level.
If you are interested in affiliate marketing then take a course on affiliate marketing and start making passive income. 

7. Create Youtube videos.

There are a lot of people earning thousands of dollars from Youtube. If you are good at speaking or any message to communicate with the world or if you have any skill which you want to teach to people then you will start a youtube channel. But first you have to work hard for it and when you establish a good youtube channel, you will earn money while you are sleeping or not work for youtube for months even for years.

I hope this will help you.

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