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Earn Money Online By Selling Your Photos.

How To Earn Money Online By Just Selling Your Photos

Most people searching on the internet about ways to earn money online but they can't find genuine sites. 

Today I am going to share with you an online earning site in which you can earn money online by just selling photos online.

Yes, you can earn money by just selling photos online.

As I know most of the people these days have an excellent quality camera on their smart phones even you may have a smart phone that has a good quality camera.

Photography isn’t an easy business to get into, but you can click some good quality images even from your mobile and earn money online.

You may have some images you have taken during your projects, picnic, tours, etc. and you can earn money by just selling it in this website.

So it can be a good earning source for you, by working a little bit hard on your clicks and earn some money.

The name of this site is

This is a great platform for professional photographer, who already has a large collection of photos.

This is an international site. There are around 500,000 people all over from the world working on this site and earn money online.

They earn money by clicking images and uploading in this site. You can upload images like, people, temples, buildings, nature, roads, scenery, animals, rivers, sea and lot more.

How Does Dreamstime Work?

Dreamstime is a stock photography company that pays people to upload images on their site by selling the images around the web.

If you are a photographer you can create a free “Contributor” account and start uploading photos. The Dreamstime team then reviews your images for quality checking. Once they approve your account you will earn money every time when a user, buy your images.

Images have to be at least 3MP and less than 70MP in size.

How To Sign-Up?

You can sign-up on this website by your email-Id and you have to create a password.

Then you have to upload Images for the verification process. After verification, you can upload up to 7000 images on this site.

When your photos will be sold you will earn a royalty.

Who Will Buy Your Photos and Why?

As you know there are thousands of advertising agencies and they make small advertising videos. Also, there are thousands of magazines and whenever they write some articles they need some images.

For example, A U.S. based Magazine agency writes an article which is based on India, they need Images from India or they make a small advertising videos based on India, they need some faces or places of India. So they come to sites like and buy some photographs they like and use for their work.And you get a royalty from that image.

How To Get My Payments?

You can request a payout when you reach the $100 minimum threshold for withdrawing.

Dreamstime pays its contributor by PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and these are international payment platforms.

You need to give details about you to get your payment like your Date of Birth, Your Name, your address, your country name, your signature, and you have to upload an image of any of your ID document with your photo( e.g: identity card, passport, driving license, etc.) You also need to give your Payment address

I Hope this article "Earn Money Online By Selling Your Photos" will be helpful to you. 

Earn Money Online By Selling Your Photos. Earn Money Online By Selling Your Photos. Reviewed by Judhisthir Meher on August 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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