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How to Earn Money from UC Browser? | UC We-media Program

How to Earn Money from UC Browser? | UC We-media Program.

Earn Money Online with UC browser  UC We-media Program
Earn Money Online with UC browser  UC We-media Program

Earn Money Online from UC We-Media

Today in this article I am going to share with you how you can earn money online by writing.

There are many ways to earnmoney online. There are so many platforms like Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, etc where you can earn money online but that depends upon your interest.

If you are interested in writing then you can start a blog or website and earn money from there but you must have writing skills and it may take 6-12 months to earn money from that or even you can’t earn from that.

Today I am going to share with you a website where you can easily earn money by writing articles.

The name of the platform is UC We-media. This is a product of the famous Alibaba Group of Company.

Using this platform you can easily earn money by writing articles or sharing videos.

If you have writing skill then this site can be a good source income for you.

You can write on any topic you want and you get paid when people view your article.

Before getting started I want to tell you that you must have a PAN card to earn money from this platform.

What is UC WE Media?

The UC WE media program is basically a news related platform.

This site is the same as news websites so if you want to earn a decent amount by writing articles from the internet then it can be a best option for you.

If you have ever used the UC Browser app then you have seen news feed on its home page. They also have another separate app for news and that is the UC news app.

On this platform, you have to publish news on trending topics and to get views. If your news gets more views you get more money.

So to earn money from this platform first you have to sign-up on the UC WE media program.

How to Sign-Up on UC WE Media?

It is very easy to signing-up on this platform.

If you have any blog before signing up for this platform then it is good for you, and if you don’t have any blog then don’t worry they can also sign up by providing an email.

So first you have to go to and this will redirect you to its home page.

Then you have to click on the sign-up button. And then you have to give your mail ID and create a password.

They will send you a verification email on your given mail ID and you have to verify using that verification mail and you will redirect into a sign-up page.

Then you have to fill your personal details like name, date of birth, account type, account name, PAN card details.

Then click on the continue button and your account is submitted for profile approval.

You will get notified by your email when your profile gets approved and you start writing to earn money online from this site.

How to Post Content?

After approval, you can log in to the UC We-media program by giving your ID and password.

Then you will find here the Post button and then click on the new article button where you can write an article according to your category.

You can write articles on categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Society, Offbeat, Humor, Lifestyle, Tech, Auto, Education, 
Inspiration, History Science, Religion, Economics, Jobs etc.

This is the best part of this site. Express your thought by writing and earn money online.

How to Monetize Your Account?

After verified you have to write articles on this site to get views.

There are some rules to monetize your account.

First, you need to get 2000 views anyone post of your UC We media account.

Your account should be minimum 30 days old.

There are also more rules to get monetize your account and if all things go right you can ready to monetize your account and start making money.

If you want to make more money by writing you have to consistently publish articles in this site.

Follow These to Get the Article Approved:

·        Never write any copyrighted content. 
·        Never write the illegal topic
·        Use proper grammar
·        Don’t use different languages in one post
·        Don’t write fake news
·        IF you write on politics never favor any party
·        Never use vulgar pics

So friends what are you waiting for. Go to and create an account and start making money.

I hope this article "How to Earn Money From UC browserwill be helpful to you. And if you think this article will also helps your friends or relatives don’t forget to share this.

Thank You.

How to Earn Money from UC Browser? | UC We-media Program How to Earn Money from UC Browser? | UC We-media Program Reviewed by Judhisthir Meher on October 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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