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How to earn money from mobile in 2020? Earn Money From Youtube.

How to earn money from mobile in 2020?

How to earn money from mobile in 2020? Earn Money From Youtube.
How to earn money from mobile in 2020? Earn Money From Youtube. 
Hi Friends
In this article, I am going to share with you how you can earn money online in 2020 from your mobile.

Most people want to earn money online but they could not because they can’t get the right direction.

Today in this article I am going to share with you the biggest opportunity to earn money online from your mobile phone in India. I am going to share with you something about making money that can change your life.

But before all of this, I want to tell you something. Have you ever think, what is growing the most in this fastest-growing internet? Just think about it what is growing the most in this fastest-growing internet.

Let I will give you a 2-page article and a video of 6-7 minutes. Which one would you choose?

Obviously, you would prefer to watch that 5-7 minutes short videos instead of reading a 2-page article. Right!

Now, this video industry grows very fast in this era. You will not even have an idea at what speed this is going on. Now people prefer video instead of articles or text or videos.

You will be surprised to hear that more than 26 crore people in India use YouTube within a month which is more than the sum population of 200 countries in the world. That means the total number of people on YouTube from India is more than the total population of 200 countries.

And it is said that in the next coming year this number will be increased to 50 crores.

Let’s talk about TikTok. TikTok is a micro-video platform and within only 2 years it has been added more than 20 crore people.

In the last 3 years, video content on Facebook has increased 60 times.

Even think about Whatsapp on your mobile phone. 3-4 years ago the most forwarded things on Whatsapp are text, photos but now videos are forwarded the most.

Peoples learn from videos, educate from videos even people make purchases from videos, watch product reviews from videos.

People gain knowledge from videos. Peoples are getting entertain with videos.
People become brand from videos.

Even people earn from videos. (Now comes the interesting part)

Now maybe you are thinking about how people earn from videos? Right!

So now let me tell you how you will make money from videos.

You are reading this article that means you must have an android app or laptop. Right!

And you must watch YouTube. Now have you ever think who uploads those videos. What they do to live a good life.

They make money from Youtube.

So like many Youtubers, you can also earn money from Youtube.

In this era, people prefer to watch videos.

You can make videos on any niche like cooking, dancing, teaching, singing, comedy, etc. you can find hundreds of niche if you want to make money from youtube.

You can also make review videos of any product. And earn money from Youtube.

So if you are interested in making videos and earn money online from youtube, create an account on youtube and start earning money.

How to create a Youtube channel?

So to create a YouTube account you must have a Gmail account.

Now a day, everybody has a Gmail account and if you are reading this article on a smartphone you already have a Gmail account.

So you can create a YouTube channel using your mail ID. And if you haven’t a Gmail account you can easily create a Gmail account within few minutes.

I am not going to tell you details about how you can create a youtube channel and its setting. You can find it easily on the internet. There are lots of sites and youtube channels that can teach you how to make a youtube channel and how to monetize it.

But I am going to share with you some problems which most people face during creating a Youtube channel and some tips.

Before creating a Youtube channel you must have camera confidence and way of expressing your thoughts.

When you set your mind to create a Youtube channel you face problems like
You haven’t camera confidence. Or you don’t know, how to talk in front of your phone or you may be thinking of how to create, where to create as there are lots of competition or how much you have to invest, you maybe thinking it requires lots of investment and finally if you do all the things and set your youtube channel but how you can earn from this.

Camera confidence.

When people starting out to create a video on Youtube channel first they face a problem what to say. You have to speak confidently.

So you can kick out this fear using these tips.

So you have to start this from the front camera of your phone. This is an opportunity for you. You are in your room, you have your phone open your front camera and record videos. If you think it is not good, delete it and make another video. And if you think it is also not good delete it and make another video and so on and so on.

Do it for half an hour. Within an hour you can make up to 10 videos and you will see the difference in your first video and last video.

Now you feel comfortable speaking in front of your camera.

The best part of doing this is there is no fear. If you think your video was not good to delete it and make another video.

But think one thing that after doing these hundreds of times you are now comfortable with the camera. And you are now very comfortable with the camera and it is the starting of public speaking.


Most people make excuses because they think there are lots of competitions. But for your kind information, I want to tell you that this is only the beginning of digital marketing. Digital revolution yet to come. We are now on its gate, we have not gone to inside of it.

If you are learning anything like you are martial arts open your camera, make videos and upload it. Teach people how to do martial arts and you will be amazed, people like your videos and they watch it. And gradually when your channel has more visitors you start earning money from it.


Most people think that if they have to initiate they need lots of money, a camera, a good team.

I just want to tell you that by making these excuses you keep yourself off from a big opportunity.

You can create a video on your phone even edit it and upload it using your phone. You don’t need any other devices.


Now you have created your youtube channel, uploaded videos, you learn lots of about YouTubing but now the question here is how to make money from it.
If you are good at making YouTube videos than only 1000 subscribers are sufficient.

There are lots of ways to earn money from it.

Such as-

If you have your existing business you can spread your business by making youtube videos.

You can create videos on your interest like travel, fitness, cooking anything.  and earn money from it.

You will earn money by sponsorship, ad revenue, digital products.
You can create courses on youtube.

You don’t have to upload videos daily, you can choose a day in a week and upload videos.

There are lots of opportunities in this industry niche including MLM, Finance, cooking, education, fitness, teaching.

But remember one most important thing.

Never go against the audience. You have to make videos that help the audience. Do the things that go over the favor of your audience.


So if you are interested in making videos and make people learn something, or you are passionate about making videos than here is a great time to start out. This world is interested to watch your videos on the internet.

So what are you waiting for, create a youtube channel and start earning?

I hope this article "How to earn money online in 2020?" will be helpful to you. 

How to earn money from mobile in 2020? Earn Money From Youtube. How to earn money from mobile in 2020? Earn Money From Youtube. Reviewed by Judhisthir Meher on January 28, 2020 Rating: 5

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